Online data masterclasses

We love data. But using data in the right way can be a challenge. We'd hate for you to not make the most of your editorial analytics tool, and the smartocto webinar is here to help. In these free online masterclasses we discuss the use of data and the challenges that come with it, but also the benefits it can bring when used well. But we also look beyond data, at developments in the industry and new ways to help optimise your online publishing strategy.

Together with experts from the field we share best practices, tips and tools that help make content optimisation and storytelling with data a success.

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There is currently no future webinar scheduled.

past webinars

How editorial analytics supports the AI Revolution

In about the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, Erik will take you through our AI-driven features. You won't want to miss this.

How editorial analytics supports user needs

In this webinar Rutger Verhoeven will walk you through the process of creating a story using this approach - and show you how smartocto can help you along the way.

How editorial analytics supports advertisement models

Let's get you more exposure online. Smartocto can give you key insights for your advertisement model. Our actionable tips and suggestions will get you up to 16% more views.

How editorial analytics supports subscription models

Great journalism, delivered to the right audience, at the right time, in the optimal channels - that's what drives conversions. But smartocto assists storytellers in all of these processes.

What mainstream media can learn from niche news sites

Join us in addressing the question every journalistic organisation should ask themselves: why do you matter to your audience and how do you make a difference for them?

Mastering user needs for news: Ask Me Anything

Join this AMA with Dmitry Shishkin and Rutger Verhoeven! We're wrapping up the year with a webinar where you can ask all your burning questions regarding user needs.

Ask me anything

KI-gestützte Analyse und Trends mit smartocto

Wie revolutioniert Künstliche Intelligenz die Welt der Inhaltsanalyse? Ganz einfach – mit smartocto. Lernen Sie das Tool im spannenden Webinar kennen. Gleich kostenlos anmelden!

Meet empowering news media with artificial intelligence

One year after the introduction of ChatGPT, smartocto is bringing AI to the next level. Join us as we dive headfirst into the possibilities that AI is bringing to the newsroom.

Why headline testing matters, how AI can help

In the webinar, we delve into the world of A/B testing data and show how ChatGPT can assist in the process. Learn the benefits of investing time in improving your content's performance right after publication.

Shaping content: how data can inform your editorial output

PA Media meets smartocto. We'll talk about the importance of actionability and data analytics for press agencies. Join us on 29th of June!

PA Media webinar

Behind the data: welcoming AI into the newsroom

Join us in this webinar as we go through a comprehensive exploration of the latest trends and applications of AI in the newsroom.

Explaining the User Needs Model 2.0: audience driven journalism

In this webinar, Dmitry Shishkin and smartocto cofounder Rutger Verhoeven presented and explained the User Needs Model 2.0 and how this evolution will change the way editors and newsrooms work.

Get started with the Quadrant Model: produce and optimise the right content

In this webinar, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Quadrant Model, so you can decide if it’s a valuable addition to your newsroom. It was hosted by Erik van Heeswijk, Dmitry Shishkin and Renzo Veenstra.

webinar get started with the quadrant model: produce and optimise the right content

Value over volume: create better content by doing less

In this webinar we'll give concrete tips on creating better content by doing less that you can implement in your workflow right away. Hosted by Rutger Verhoeven with Gerbert van Loenen and Ana Bellotti Družijanić as guest speakers.

Webinar Value over volume: create better content by doing less

Smartocto Connect: Boost your own datalake

In this webinar, we'll dive into the philosophy of data ownership and actionability, the why and the how.

Webinar 23 June 2022 Smartocto Connect

How to produce news for younger generations

On April 5, 2022 we hosted a webinar on how to produce news for younger generations, with guest speaker Yogie Fadila. Watch the recording!

Our webinar about news for younger generations

Get into action with smart notifications

On March 9, 2022 we hosted a webinar on smart notifications and how they can contribute to actionability in your newsroom. Watch the recording!

Webinar - Get into action with smart notifications

How to introduce a data inspired culture in your newsroom

Data is hugely beneficial to news and content marketing organisations, but introducing insights to storytellers isn’t always an easy process.

Webinar 8 December 2021

Covering the news from a user needs perspective

Tune in to this webinar with expert Dmitry Shishkin to learn all about the practical application of the user needs approach in the newsroom.

User needs workshop 23 March 2021 with Dmitry Shishkin

Smartify your system - vendor edition

Your system supports content teams everyday, but what if we could make it talk to your customers and help boost their business goals?

Smartify your system webinar for vendors

Smartify your system

Dashboards alone are not enough to make data part of newsroom workflows. This added layer of intelligence will make the data actionable!

Smartify your system webinar

ES - Retos para periodismo en 2021

Challenges for journalism in 2021: in this Spanish webinar, we'll discuss how to regain trust in the media with one of our clients, La Silla Rota

Webinario Retos para periodismo: recuperar la confianza en los medios

The 6 principles of actionability

The importance of data in the newsroom isn't a question anymore. But once you have it, what do you do with it? The key is actionability: watch this webinar recording to find out why!

Smartocto Masterclass From data to action: the 6 principles of actionability in the newsroom