Story view

SmartOcto is the first tool that shows reach and engagement data on story level in a clean view. Real time !

This makes it possible to react on all your online stories.
Giving you the ultimate control to steer to success ! 

Simple, powerful, obvious !


Bundles make it possible to track combined stories across diverse channels over time.
Get an overview with smart notifications on campaigns and online events.
Act real time on unique content insights !

Editorial decisions on the mark !

To know our features is to know SmartOcto


SmartOcto is your best colleague and that’s why he talks to you. With actionable editorial tips he let’s you improve all your online stories. It will also tell you if and when you’ve reached your business goals, for example on pageviews or engagement level.

And there’s more … 
If the story builds up lot’s of traffic but hasn’t been published on a specific (social) channel SmartOcto will suggest you to do so. If there’s negative feedback on a story on Facebook he will ask you to check it out and put effort in webcare.

And of course the notifications are sent to a preferred inbox, i.e. Slack or WhatsApp.

Super nice. Super efficient!