Smartocto's features have been designed to increase your understanding of your stories' performance and audience behaviour, learn from historic insights and act on real-time events. All to help you create stories that generate real engagement.

Our vision is that the digital publishing workflow should be smart. And by that we mean: using relevant data to optimise the story at any moment throughout the entire Story Life Cycle©. From the first creation of a story to improving its impact – these features help you make a real connection with your audience. You choose the set of features that works best for you; pick and mix your ultimate optimisation toolkit.

smartocto's features explained

from data to action!

The best headlines for your story

The Tentacles A/B testing and orchestration feature allows you to optimise your home and index pages. You can run A/B tests for both story headers and teasers, to increase audience loyalty and raise your click through rate. Orchestration of articles on your website has never been so easy with these tips on adjustments. Easy. Simple. Effective.

Tentacles on a homepage

Smartocto gives us feedback on how our frontpage and articles are performing. The tool gives us the opportunity to A/B-test headlines, which is very important to us.

Gert-Jaap Hoekman editor in chief @

Omnichannel story analytics with smart notifications

Analyse and optimise your story in real time

The publication of a story isn't the end; it's just the beginning. Those first moments after you press 'publish' are crucial. Are people picking up the story or does it need a different header or teaser? Does it need more attention on social media? Our real-time analytics and notifications will tell you just that.

Actionable notifications

To get the most out of your storytelling efforts, our smart notification system gives tips on every story. Modified to your business model and delivered where you want them.

real time tips on your mobile device - click to see the notifications in action

Big Screen

Get your newsroom data-informed with our Big Screen. The overviews are simple to read and designed to present all the essential data to get you going. All in real time of course. The Big Screen is part of the Realtime license, but now also available as Waves: a customisable, standalone feature. The best way to bring data into your content creation workflow!

big screens are the first touch point for data in many newsrooms

historical data puts your effort into perspective

Evaluate with detailed historical reports

We measure real reader behaviour and content performance with unrivalled precision, translating complex editorial data into actionable insights. Our reports help you understand what works and what doesn't, what appeals to your audience or not. With these insights you can build on previous successes, increasing your engagement and revenue. Insightful. Strategic. Genuine.

your story at the centre of it all!

The eight stages of story creation

An analytics system can only be successful if it's connected to the newsroom workflow, with your story at the center of it all. That's why smartocto does more than just track the number of pageviews. Instead, it was designed to offer support during every stage of story creation. We call this the Story Life Cycle©: the ongoing process of eight phases critical to every story.

From how you define your brand, where and when you publish, and how you assess success, the Story Life Cycle© approach gets you asking the right questions at the right time - all reinforced (in the background) by sound data analysis. We’re there for you every step of the way.

Turn editorial effort into profitability

Make your stories profitable

Smartocto is a complete content analytics solution that supports multiple business models, whether your focus is on advertising or reader revenue. Our unique approach - where we calculate the best scenario for every story in real time - can help you grow Reader Loyalty and boost your Online Impact. We can even predict the effectiveness of your content strategy, which helps to create the best stories to support your business strategy.

We think that the merged company, with its unique combination of proven expertise and approach, will set a new gold standard in content analytics. No other analytics company currently on the market can provide to its clients such depth of data together with live advice as smartocto can.

Sasa Vucinic managing partner @ north base media