Do you understand why you exist in the market?

That can be a hard question to answer on the spot. And journalists normally don’t see their work as trading goods. But still, they need to know how to secure their online future. That's why they do a user needs analysis.


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The User Needs for News Model can help newsrooms to form their content strategy. Dmitry Shishkin was an evangeliser of the approach at the BBC and he is now its most vocal advocate, consulting media worldwide.

He is the first to admit that constant reformation is needed, especially when circumstances change. That’s why smartocto created in collaboration an improved version of the 6 years old model. This 2.0 version was launched during this webinar, presented by Dmitry Shishkin and smartocto co-founder Rutger Verhoeven.

The webinar contents:

  • Introduction of the User Needs Model 2.0
  • What the new approaches to the model 2.0 are
  • How this will change the editors workflow
  • Why proper tagging is so important and how that can be the link between topics and user needs
  • A guided tour through the Quadrant Model in combination with user needs

We give you one hint already: there will be two new user needs added to the original six. Further on, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the User Needs Model, so you can decide if it’s a valuable addition to your newsroom.

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