At smartocto our mission is simple: to help newsrooms make every story count. This goal is something that unites all newsrooms - irrespective of their size, scope or operating budget - and those that manage it are able to achieve the ultimate goal of financial sustainability.

Data and insights play a critical role in this by showing what’s working - and what isn’t. But what if you don’t have the technological know-how, the experience, or the budget for this?

We believe that smart digital publishing should be available to everyone, which is why we build partnerships with grants and democracy and media development organisations. These partnerships enable us to offer consulting, training and access to our tools to do-good media outlets, which helps them in achieving their goals.

Working with smartocto enabled us to deeper understand the use of analytics for our media partners, identify gaps in knowledge and areas of existing strengths. The actionable insights and missed opportunity reports in particular helped pinpoint the utility of analytics in newsrooms. By facilitating a trial, we took the heavy lifting of tool evaluation away from cash-strapped and time-poor media partners working in politically pressured environments, which we see as an important and pressing part of media development work.

Clare Cook, Head of Journalism and Media Viability @ IMS

Clare Cook Head of Journalism and Media Viability @ IMS

Working with Media Development Organisations and their partners has been an enriching learning experience for smartocto. We work with different types of media brands, from news to investigative journalism, from big organisations to one-man newsrooms. It brings us closer to our vision of smart digital publishing where stories can really connect to their audience. We get to work with small, local and independent media outlets, helping them digitalise their workflows, improve their editorial strategies, experiment with business models and become sustainable.

We have been working with smartocto for some time through support from the Internews network for Balkans (BMAP). Since the start, we have seen the potential and benefits of the analytics tools which are now integrated with our day-to-day operation within the editorial staff. We use it for qualitative analysis of our content and based on that, direct content creation in certain sections.

Filip Ivanovic

Filip Ivanović Digital Director @ Vijesti

Growing together

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