Story Value Engine

Thanks to our Story Value Engine, we can predict the effectiveness of your content strategy, which helps to create the best stories to support your business strategy. Our hungry Story Value Engine is fed by information from CPI and realtime, which makes it possible for the smart machine to make a predictive calculation. So, for example, it will be able to predict how a particular author will perform when writing about a specific topic.

You will learn all about how our Story Value Engine works here.


This new technology is absolutely game-changing. Smartify is not a single product or feature, it’s a technology that makes any data collection out there smart. So, even if you use a different data tool than smartocto, you will be able to use Smartify.

But, before we dive in, check our insightful animation first:

Animation - Smartify explained

Based on your business models, we provide notifications, daily digest, summaries and more that help you get from data to action. They are little nudges, reminders, reports and more that help you interpret and understand your data. And the flexibility of the system allows you to adjust it to your specific needs. It’s basically reversed engineering: you tell the tool what you want, and Smartify will give you the best possible action that fits your wish.

Smartify can do 3 things:

  1. Match
    The system matches stories with editorial actions

    Choose one of smartify's 6 editorial tasks:
    1. Place article on Facebook
    2. Place article on Twitter
    3. Add article to your newsletter
    4. Write an update
    5. Run a headline test
    6. Move to homepage

    Smartify calculates exactly which stories fit your chosen editorial tasks best and show you what the predicated impact will be.
  2. Track
    Keep a clear overview of all actions for maximum grip

    You get full control at a glance - the notification tracker allows you to easily define which editorial tips have the highest priority.
    Smartify continuously monitors all the available data and feeds back what’s relevant...
    * status updates
    * strategic tips
    * the predicted impact of your actions
  3. Manage
    Adjust your own metrics, priorities notifications and change the timing of alerts

Since there is so much to talk about, we've created a special page dedicated to smartify, so we recommend you give it a visit! Or if you are not much of a reader, just book a demo!

Focusing on AI-assisted decision making is the next big step in analytics. This is something we have been working on for years and the first results are groundbreaking. It will definitely change the way newsrooms and content marketing teams work. We have already implemented it with several big publishers and have seen immediate effects on all focused metrics. It is interesting to see how something so simple can have such a big impact.

Erik - new

Erik van Heeswijk CEO


Many newsrooms are short on time. We understand that. They don't have the manpower to pour over data and stats, which is why the power of our notifications and predictions is so appreciated.

That's why we've created smartocto Summary. Which is a daily digest that talks to you. It's an email with all the essential insights and tips, delivered to the inbox of your choice, at the time of your choice. A perfect way to get a firmer grip on your daily tasks and performance and make the right decisions based on data.

With the power of the Story Value Engine behind it, and the feedback we collect via Smartify, we are also able to calculate the impact of all the tips we serve. It's a sort of ROI on our notifications, that predicts the outcome of following up on our tips. This goes for conversion, reach, loyalty - anything that you value. Simple and efficient.

Are you interested in seeing how our predictive analysis could benefit you? Don't hesitate to reach out or sign up for a free demo!

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