Do you truly understand how a data analytics tool like smartocto can transform the way you think about user needs? Are you familiar with the specific ways it supports editorial decisions to boost subscription rates?

If you’re not (or if your curiosity is piqued for deeper insights about either of these things), we've got an exciting opportunity for you: Feature Demo Weeks. Join us for a series of four engaging webinars where we'll showcase the robust capabilities of our tool.


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Why attend? While we’re always keen to discuss the latest trends in journalism, it's crucial to remember that the right technological tools are central to these advancements. Recently, the array of possibilities within our features has expanded significantly, and it’s high time we brought them into the spotlight.

How editorial analytics supports the AI revolution

Media futurists view Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the meteor that has immediately transformed the lives of publishing dinosaurs—even if they are not aware of it yet. The real question, of course, is what the value of AI will look like in the long term.

Our CEO and gifted resident philosopher, Erik van Heeswijk, has clear ideas about what the near future holds. With the launch of, we have not only developed a toolkit that assists you in picking the low-hanging fruit, but we’re also able to guide you through the world of artificial intelligence for news publishers.

In about the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, Erik will take you through our AI-driven features. You won't want to miss this.

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