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How do you get from data to action?

Statistics, reports, data: everybody knows it's important and almost every newsroom nowadays let it form their news agenda. But once you have it, what do you do with it? How can these numbers help you fight media fatigue to grow your business? What conclusions should you draw, what action should you take, what can you actually learn from all that data?

That was the subject of our Masterclass ‘From Data to Action: the 6 Principles of Actionability in the Newsroom’. We've already done the live version, but you can request access to the recording below.

In this expert meeting we discussed the following:

  • Introduction
    What is actionability and why should you care?
  • Market challenges
    Having data alone is not enough; you need to act on your insights. With user needs and digital transformation expert Dmitry Shishkin (former editor at the BBC World Services).
  • The best tools to get from data to action
    And how to use them.
  • Q&A
    Check the user needs analysis.

After this masterclass you will recognise the importance of actionability, understand why you need data to grow, and have a clear understanding of getting the right metrics and statistics to fuel your content creation strategy, so that it best serves your business model.

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