Real time analytics

It’s all about now. You want to react to the pulse of the day, so that’s why smartocto is real time. Smartocto's real time tool is a complete content analytics solution that supports multiple business models, whether your focus is on advertising or reader revenue. Of course we serve a clear omnichannel view and present your data in an easy-to-understand way - that’s why editors love using our tool!

Are people actually seeing and reading your stories? Or is something happening that needs your attention? The real time analytics tool tells you just that based on multiple key metrics, like pageviews, engagement and conversion. With our real time tool you are able to boost your journalistic model and online impact, grow your reader loyalty and optimise your content strategy.

Which insights can you gather from our real time tool?

  • Story reach and consumptions divided by channel
  • (Social) engagement in real time, based on your own unique mix of measurable channels
  • The impact of all your content over time
  • The progress of campaigns by tracking them via bundle graphs
  • Your impact measured by showing the timing of the newsroom (effort) against the impact of the stories on different channels (impact).

But what makes our real time tool truly unique are our smart notifications

  • The system serves smart notifications calculated on every story. Our smart notifications that tell you exactly which stories need what editorial action

We know that no one needs more unnecessary digital interruptions, but data-rich insights are absolutely critical for today’s newsrooms. After all, the publication of a story isn't the end; it's just the beginning. Those first moments after you press 'publish' are crucial. Are people picking up the story or does it need a different header or teaser? Does it need more attention on social media? Our smart notifications will tell you just that.

And we believe that if alerts aren’t actionable, they don’t mean a thing, so we only send you the ones that count. They’re laser-focused to your newsroom and story strategy because they’re built to support your business model. In other words? Your smartocto solution is unique to you. Off the shelf simply doesn’t give you the precision you need. And of course these notifications go to any inbox of your choice. Try us. You’ll love it.

Here's an example of some of our smart notifications:

smart notifications examples

And we've got hundreds of 'em...

Want a clear example of how a Dutch newsroom optimises a story post-publication, using our smart notifications?

Real time tips on your mobile device - click to see our smart notifications in action


Another functionality within our real time tool is 'Conversions'. In the complex digital landscape you want to be profitable. That makes sense. And to help you with that we've invented Conversions. If we understand what you are aiming for (be it newsletter subscribers or conversions behind the paywall) we can help you improve that strategy by showing you - in real time - what works and what needs attention.


Of course, when all this real time data is presented to you, you want to keep track of it, but no one expects a room full of journalists to constantly keep their eyes on our real time tool. After all, different organisations and even different people within your organisation might need different metrics and graphs to do their job. So we created something that can be adjusted to specific wishes or business goals. Waves is our standalone, fully customisable big screen.

With Waves you can build your big screen the way you want. Adjusting which data you want to see on your screen and custom layouts for each role in the newsroom as a few of many possibilities. You're completely in control of the communications you want to receive. It could be the most relevant notifications on story level, actual insights on business goals or even the amount of conversions or subscriptions you’ve realised today. This is a way to get that information instantly, without having to wait for a report to be generated.

And for those companies that have multiple brands in their portfolio: we’ve got you. You can organise your Waves big screen in such a way that you can keep an eye on the performance of the best performing stories across your various brands. And beside this convenient overview you will also receive notifications that transcend individual titles and are vital to understanding your overall performance as a publisher.

Big Screen mock-up
Our big screen on mobile or desktop


Tentacles is a feature used directly on your homepage and index pages, which allows you to fully optimise them. You can run A/B header tests to increase audience loyalty and raise CTRs.

With the help of Tentacles we’ll take the orchestration of articles on your website off your plate via direct tips and adjustments and since trust is super important to us, we'll always make it transparent and easy. If we recommend that you move an article, you can rest assured that we’ll also explain why.

Use smartocto Tentacles to A/B test headlines for your news story
Tentacles on a homepage

Smartocto gives us feedback on how our frontpage and articles are performing. The tool gives us the opportunity to A/B-test headlines, which is very important to us.

Gert-Jaap Hoekman editor in chief @


In nowadays online storytelling video has become more and more important. And you can tell much more in a shorter amount of time with video - and with an audience that's distracted very easily we see the importance for video growing every day. If we have access to the real time data from your video player, we can actually create graphs and insights on your video performance.

Are you interested in seeing how our Real time features could benefit you? Don't hesitate to reach out or sign up for a free demo!

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