You've probably noticed it by now: 2023 has been the year of user needs. Smartocto in collaboration with Dmitry Shishkin introduced the User Needs Model 2.0, providing media with valuable insights to establish a stronger connection with their audience.

To give this topic the attention it deserves, we're wrapping up the year with a webinar where you can ask all your burning questions regarding news user needs. Dmitry Shishkin and smartocto's CMO, Rutger Verhoeven, will provide the answers and reflect on numerous use cases of newsrooms introducing the model.


Mastering user needs for news: Ask Me Anything

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In this webinar, we will also share what we've learned from User Needs Labs, a project aimed at assisting 10 European news websites in better aligning with their visitors' preferences. These key trends will be discussed:

  • Overproduction of ‘Update Me’ articles are everywhere
  • Different sections or verticals require specific user needs
  • On average, only 2/3 of every article is being read
  • Actionable content appears to hold great promise for all participants
  • Deep dives on the story level indicate that the framing and commisioning of stories can be more precise

Artificial intelligence can elevate the user needs approach. We will illustrate this with examples and provide a glimpse into the near future.

But most importantly, there will be ample time for questions, and of course, answers! Can’t wait to ask your question? Fill in the form below.

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Watch the recording

watch the recording