Sometimes it’s easier to just write more, produce more, publish more. But that doesn’t necessarily get you better results. There’s huge power in reducing or editing - in other words: win more by doing less. 

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  • How to optimise content performance?
  • How to measure content performance?
  • How to read this data visualisation software?

In our constant search to make newsrooms more effective, efficient and profitable, we’ve spent time on putting this into practice. This is where our latest feature comes in: The Quadrant Model. It’s basically a very simple visualisation of your content performance. Where does the reach come from, and which stories drive engagement and loyalty?

The Quadrant Model helps newsrooms understand (at a glance) which topics, stories, sections and user needs perform well - and which don’t. This information enables you to decide which stories are worth putting in more effort and which stories you could probably create less of.

In this webinar, we’ll dive into:

  • Why the Quadrant Model is a relevant addition to any newsroom
  • How the model is built
  • Six strategies to put the model into practice
  • Use case: how Omroep Brabant uses the Quadrant Model in their newsroom

In short, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Quadrant Model, so you can decide if it’s a valuable addition to your newsroom. We’d love to see you join and if you’re not able to attend at the given date then don’t worry, we’ll send the recording to all registrants afterwards.


Get started with the Quadrant Model: Produce and optimise the right content
24 November 2022, 3:00 PM CET


While the user needs-centric content strategy is the base for successful digital publishing, the Quadrant model, introduced by smartocto, takes its content analysis and actionability in the newsrooms to the next level. The model applied to your output not only will always surprise and challenge you, it has the potential to inform and impact your product strategy, too. In digital publishing, content is product, and therefore the Quadrant model is essential for effective, aligned and focused creativity.

Portrait of Dmitry Shishkin

Dmitry Shishkin Digital Publishing Consultant

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