Smartify whitepaper: decision making in the newsroom

In this whitepaper we will introduce our newest feature: Smartify.

The future of editorial analytics is changing. Newsrooms are becoming more data driven as they become increasingly comfortable with the data that’s available to them - and as they do, they are becoming ever more discerning.

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Make your data platform smart

Do you have a performance dashboard?

What does it tell you? Does it influence your actions?

A data overview alone isn’t enough to get you into action and help you to make the right decisions. It only helps if it shows you the right statistics, that you can act on. In other words, if it's actionable.

But what if we could organise your data differently? Go beyond dashboards, just plug right into the data source, process the analytics and calculate actionable tips based on that data, your own behavioural patterns, business goals and audience behaviour? What if we could send you pure content intelligence, so you can decide how to bring it to your team?

The next step in editorial analytics is here

We can do all this with something we created called Smartify. You can use it to analyse all your data, across platforms, systems, channels and content, enrich it and turn it into daily digests and notifications that boost your performance.

But before we dive in, take 3 minutes to watch this explanatory animation:

Smartify explained - Animation

What is smartify?

What is smartocto's Smartify?

Smartify is not a single product or feature. It's a revolutionary decision making system that gives newsrooms AI-powered advise. This technology makes any data collection out there smart.

We provide you with notifications, daily digests, summaries and more that help you get from data to action - all of which will align perfectly with your particular business model. It's a completely flexible system, and you have the power to adjust it to your needs.

How is this possible, you may wonder... Well, the smartocto algorithm has been designed to analyse your data and make predictions about the performance of your next story - and the best possible scenario.

Based on these predictions the Smartify algorithm gives alerts and concrete tips (in the form of notifications) on how to deal with authors, stories and sections in real time. It's like having a super smart extra colleague: we harness the power of AI and data to work for you.

Why do you need Smartify?

Why do you need Smartify?

Most data isn't actionable in and of itself. A screen with graphs on the wall will not make better decisions by itself. That's why we want to help you make the most of your editorial analytics.

To be truly actionable, you need the right data at the right time. Data that answers the important questions you may have about the performance of your stories, the behaviour of your readers and the timing of your publications.

The calculations in our system are custom and based on your business model. Whenever you get an alert from smartocto, you'll know that acting on it will help you reach your goals.

Interpreting data is not always easy, so why not let Smartify do it for you? Apart from anything else, it'll save you the trouble of hiring a data analyst!

Plug Smartify into your own data source

And the best part is, you don't need a smartocto data source. So if you're attached to your current data provider, but you want to be more actionable, simply plug in our Smartify solution and we'll get you started. It's truly an add-in to your existing data system.

  • Independent of other smartocto features; compatible with any analytics system out there
  • Delivers actionable insights where you want them, be it email, CMS, Slack or any other platform

Who is Smartify for?

Who is Smartify for?

Media companies and online publishers
An increased focus on reader revenue models is asking for a more strategic approach to story commissioning. Understand your audience behaviour and make data-informed decisions.

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Media systems: data platforms and CMS vendors

Offer your users an even more complete solution with integrated data insights and performance-enhancing alerts.

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Get in touch!

Maybe you have specific questions, data challenges or requests. Please share them with us! Our team of data scientists and content strategists loves a good challenge. We're happy to research and develop solutions to make your newsroom even more effective, such as:

  • Custom notifications
  • Additional features developed in collaboration
  • On-site content strategy consultancy
  • In-depth analyses

Or just get a demo to see what Smartify can do for you!

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