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The Perfect Headline Doesn't Exist.

That could be a fitting headline for the announcement of this webinar. It's not perfect (which reinforces the point) because, in exceptional cases, a headline may perfectly encapsulate the essence of an article. Every editor knows that such situations are unique.

The key is that you should always use A/B testing software to test which of the two or three choices resonates best with your audience. Our feature Tentacles is an A/B testing tool. This applies in some cases to the lead and soon the photo accompanying an online post as well.

In the webinar, we delve into the world of A/B testing data and show how ChatGPT can assist in the process. We aim to demonstrate the benefits of investing time in improving your content's performance right after publication.

The webinar contents:

  • An explanation of how A/B testing works in practical scenarios.
  • What if we let ChatGPT come up with alternative headlines? We conducted tests and will share our findings.
  • Insights into the data behind A/B testing from our customers (anonymised). What results have they achieved?
  • What does the data teach us? What makes an alternate headline worth testing?

Smartocto’s content editor Stefan ten Teije will host the webinar with a guest speaker, Janneke Bosch, who is the editor at Omroep Brabant. She will share her experience with using ChatGPT as an assistant headline creator.

This webinar is a must-attend for those who make editorial decisions, usually editors or curators on the front page. However, anyone in the publishing sector, whether a journalist or a marketer, can learn from it.

Don't miss out on this free opportunity to learn from our media and data experts.

watch the recording