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  • What is a datalake?
  • Who has data ownership?
  • How does a datalake help research audience?

The advantages from such the smartocto setup are substantial: you have one truth, can control the GDPR-settings of your data in great detail and have the flexibility of input. We have standardised the way that you can do it, so implementations can be pretty straight forward.

And smartocto can even close the loop. With the powerful API’s you can get all the smart metrics, insights and alerts into your systems. Your databases will get richer and your editorial tools will get a lot smarter. In this webinar we'll dive into the philosophy of data ownership and actionability, the why and the how. Smartocto connects!


Smartocto Connect: boost your own datalake
23 June 2022, 3:00 PM CET



  • Introduction
  • Why connect your own data lake to analytics?
  • Smartocto Connect; how does it work?
  • The future of connectivity
  • Q&A

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