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Of course we believe that data is great and that no online publisher should be without it. But data is just data if it doesn’t inspire actions. So, how can the newsroom dataset be used effectively? What is necessary in order to make you act on the data that is available to you? In other words, how do you get from data to action?

Smart notifications

You probably don’t have the time to scour through your data every day. So, smart and actionable notifications are a great tool to help you. You can set up the actionable messages (alerts) exactly the way you want, and then just let them do the work for you. All you have to do is act on them, easy right!

If you’re not using smart notifications (yet), just want to know a little more about them, see some examples or experience what these notifications could actually bring you.


Get into action with smart notifications
9 March 2022 | 3:00 PM CET



  • Introduction
  • Why smart notifications are the key to actionability
  • How our smart notifications were built
  • Some examples of our smart notifications
  • Some alternatives for actionability
  • Actionable tips / key takeaways
  • Q&A

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