We all know that journalists and content marketeers worldwide are already embracing Artificial Intelligence. But it’s about to become an even more essential part of their toolkit, and leveling up skills and systems is vital. This is where smartocto can - and will - help.

This is again one of those rare defining moments for media. Those who get in early can shape and master this new era.

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Erik van Heeswijk CEO @ smartocto

One year after the introduction of ChatGPT, smartocto is bringing AI to the next level. In this webinar, we’re introducing smartocto.ai.


This webinar has already taken place.

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Smartocto.ai gives 5 simple yet effective ways of introducing AI to your newsroom:

  • advanced headline testing with an A/B testing tool
  • automatic content classification (including user needs analysis)
  • smart story rewriting
  • timing optimisation
  • an intelligent virtual assistant

With this new toolkit, media professionals are being relieved of basic day-to-day concerns. Values like story copyright and confidentiality are completely secured.

Whether you’re a journalist, a media pro, marketeer or simply passionate about the future of news, this webinar is actionable. Discover how AI and editorial analytics work hand in hand and receive expert tips on guiding newsrooms into the exciting AI era.

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