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The younger generations: a group news publishers around the world are desperately trying to reach. After all, they are the news consumers of the future. In the past years we've gotten to know a little more about what drives Millenials, with their digitalised way of consuming the news. We’ve done studies on them and collected a lot of useful tips in these blogs:

But then there was Gen Z, and boy, everything you thought you knew has been put the test. This highly politicised generation is even harder to reach via traditional media. So, it's time to start think outside the box and figure out how, why and where to engage with them. This webinar focused around answering the obvious question: How can publishers keep Gen Z invested in the news?

We explained a bit about Gen Z and why it’s harder to connect them to news. Then, we’ll talk about best practices to produce news on TikTok (collected by Eveline, our content marketer, who is an actual Gen Z'er. So, she knows what she’s talking about). We also discussed a lot of great examples of online publishers who are doing a very good job already with producing news for younger generations, with guest speaker Yogie Fadila.


How to produce news for younger generations
5 April 2022, 3:00 PM CET



  • Introduction
  • Why it’s harder to connect younger generations to news
  • What happens when they grow up
  • Creating news for TikTok
  • Best practices: examples from other online publishers
  • Actionable tips / key takeaways
  • Q&A

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