Changing data analytical tool is hard, but doable

Numerous tools have been knocking on the door of the modern newsroom. Once you’re convinced of their utility, the next challenge is: how do you implement them?

Riches in niches: covering popular topics for targeted audiences

Often, you’ll need to cover news that appears across your competitors’ front pages as well. You can learn a lot from niche news sites in this client case.

How the audience became Omroep Brabant’s major inspiration

Omroep Brabant have been keen pioneers of applying the user needs for news theory to the real world ever since we started our research. This is how it's going.

Working with user needs: 'Essential to exchange experiences'

The transformation of an editorial workflow comes with bumps and challenges. Turun Sanomat sought assistance from other media organisations, and this proved liberating.

Higher quality of content follows a read depth challenge

The beauty of working with smartocto, is that everyone can decide for themselves which metrics to prioritise. DailyCoin, a news site about cryptocurrency, has recently focused on 'read depth' by devising a challenge for their editors.

Identifying brand-specific user needs with The Conversation

All successful media brands have their own set of user needs which enable them to better connect with their audience and enhance the performance of their sites. The Conversation demonstrates how they realised that brand-specific user needs are essential.

The Conversation client case

How AI can assist in headline testing

Every news website relies on A/B testing for their headlines. Editors struggle to come up with headlines. So, how can AI be of assistance in headline testing tools?

headline testing

How smartocto academy supports the user needs approach

The user needs approach is new, and probably one that's different to the norm. How does smartocto support implementing it? It all starts with education.

What does a data-powered press agency look like?

News agencies remain a key source of news for media brands. PA Media sought out smartocto to facilitate a more complete analysis of their output performance.

Want to create your own success story?

Dutch broadcasters seek change in workflow

As a journalist, you may prefer to maintain independence and autonomy when altering your workflow. However, the Dutch regional broadcasters are pioneering a shift.

Dutch broadcaster driven by user needs to spark creativity

When the user needs were introduced at Omroep Gelderland, the editorial team reacted skeptically. By now, the model is part of every brainstorming session.

Data reports as an invaluable part of the newsroom

We sat down and had a chat with our client Daraj, to learn more about how they use our tool. Turns out, our CPI and data reports are invaluable to them.

A catch up with Daraj

How AI can assist in headline testing

Every news website relies on A/B testing for their headlines. Editors struggle to come up with headlines. So, how can AI be of assistance in headline testing tools?

headline testing

How an actionable content strategy can help non-profit organisations

In this client case we asked Milieudefensie, a dutch non-profit organisation, what the benefits and learnings are from working with an actionable data tool, smart notifications and realtime insights.

Client case Milieudefensie

Vijesti x Internews: shifting to a data-informed approach

Vijesti’s challenges are almost universally recognisable. Print has long been a core part of the business and the shift to digital presents the now-familiar issues of cultural change, upskilling and strategic shift.

client case Vijesti

Follow the story

We followed a story from de Gelderlander, completely from A to Z, to understand exactly how the story was monitored in smartocto, to what smart notifications it led, how they were followed up, and what the learnings are.

Client case, Follow the Story

Growing your subscriber base with engaging content

In this client case we will dive into the way smartocto helps Badische Zeitung to recognise and understand the most engaging (and therefore most valuable) content on its pages.


The Local's road to booming subscriptions

Online publisher The Local's reader revenue model focusses on behavioural metrics, such as loyalty and engagement. Their subscriptions thrived during the pandemic.

The Local's road to booming subscriptions

Optimising story performance with the right editorial data

Public broadcaster Omroep Zeeland is discovering a new journalistic approach to stories and follow-ups. Smartocto data and notifications help them reach their goals.

Optimising Story performance

Data as the key to growth

Omroep Brabant uses both smartocto real time and insights. Find out how they use this data to connect to their audience, and maintain their position as the largest regional broadcaster in The Netherlands.

Omroep Brabant client case