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A data driven culture is hugely beneficial to news and content marketing organisations, but introducing insights to storytellers isn’t always an easy process - and there are definitely good and bad ways to go about it.

With their extensive content and data intelligence experiences gleaned from working with publishers all around the globe, Rutger Verhoeven (CMO) and Erik van Heeswijk (CEO) are well placed to offer their thoughts on how to facilitate a data-rich culture in newsrooms. Any data skeptic should see the webinar.

How do you incorporate data into your workflow? When does it lead to the best decision making? And, what about these editors that are sceptical about data? How do you convince them?

In this webinar, Rutger and Erik will share their thoughts on newsroom culture and talk about how editors and managers can take data inspired working to the next level. This isn’t a shiny brochure or a conference talk full of peppy soundbytes: these guys tell it how it is - like they always do.


How to successfully introduce a data inspired culture to your newsroom
12 replies to common objections of data sceptics



  • Introduction to data in the newsroom
  • 12 common objections heard from data sceptics in the newsroom - and how to address them
  • Some actionable tips
  • Q&A

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