You're interested in implementing the User Needs Model 2.0 into your own newsroom? Great! We truly believe that we have created something that's helpful for every newsroom and media brand out there.

Our model is the 'mother of all models'. It contains all the elements to cover all the different user needs. That basically means that it's ready to be implemented in every newsroom, in its own unique way.

On this page, you can find helpful resources that will get you started with applying the User Needs Model 2.0 to your newsroom.

  • Emblems to use
  • Poster with all the specifics in English, Spanish or German

We also offer specific packages for implementing the User Needs model into your data analytics. Read more about it here.

Get started

Download the poster with the User Needs Model 2.0 in English, German or Spanish here.

Do you want to get started with tagging your own stories on user needs? We've created a PDF document with the separate user needs emblems that can be printed for internal use:

At smartocto, we believe that there are three key elements in stories: topics, user needs, and formats. So besides meeting your audience's needs, you must also choose a suitable format to present the narrative in. This is something worth considering carefully, and to help you on your way, here are some tips and suggestions to make your stories more engaging. You can also download educational cards about this via the link.

User Needs model 2.0 © 2023 by Smartocto is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.