Imagine being able to tap into the deepest desires and needs of your audience, and create content that truly resonates with them. That's exactly what the User Needs Model can do for you.

When it comes to leveraging this powerful model, there's no better partner than smartocto. Our data tool is the only one in the world that actively supports the User Needs Model, and we're constantly refining and optimising it based on the insights we gain from our clients. In fact, we're so committed to this approach that we've enlisted the help of Dmitry Shishkin (ex-BBC World Service), the most vocal advocate of the User Needs Model, to ensure that our platform delivers the best possible results.

If you're serious about driving impact and engagement with your content, then the combination of editorial analytics and user needs is an absolute must-have for your newsroom. And with smartocto, you have access to a range of ready-made options:

  1. Please feel free to ask for a demo, presented by a member of our user needs team.
  2. Get an inspirational session (or more) with Dmitry Shishkin or Rutger Verhoeven on user needs. (check this webinar to get an impression)
  3. Start with the smartocto user needs packages and be effective right away.
  4. We tell you at a glance what the future of smartocto and user needs will look like.

ready-made packages to get started with the user needs

Package 1: Smartocto User Needs Strategic

Are you implementing user needs phase by phase, and do you want to measure the impact of that across time? Then the ‘User Needs Strategic’ package is the easiest way forward.

You'll have access to our historical module, smartocto Insights, which allows you to input and select different user needs and track their performance over time. You'll be able to generate reports and view daily performance pages for specific user needs or groups of needs, giving you valuable insights into what's working and what's not.

One of our most popular features is the Quadrant Model, which visualises patterns across user needs and other metadata, helping you identify areas where you can improve reach, loyalty, and consumption. And with the help of our e-learning platform, smartocto Academy, you'll have all the tools and resources you need to succeed. But what really sets smartocto apart is our team of world-class experts, who are dedicated to helping you achieve your content goals.

Smartocto User Needs Strategic package includes the following:

  • Historical analysis and reports about user needs;
  • 1 hour workshop from a smartocto user need expert and 3 hours of training for users;
  • Account manager that helps with the implementation and next steps;
  • 5 seats for the smartocto Academy, our eLearning platform with videos and quizzes about user needs and content analytics;
  • Unlimited seats for smartocto Insights.
User needs report insights
Historical report about user needs
Quadrant analysis on the user needs
Quadrant Model of Content Optimisation on user needs

Package 2: Smartocto User Needs Actionable

If the needs of the user are already a crucial part of your strategy and you are playing the high volume game, smartocto has a feature, in addition to its historical system, which allows for real-time tracking of user needs and provides notifications for the next action.

Smartocto Waves dashboards will enable you to make real-time user needs dashboards with all the metrics available (we can even set one up for you), in a couple of clicks. Smartocto Realtime will show you detailed story pages on reach and social engagement, and flag real-time user needs (and others) that will result in notifications that will strengthen your content tactics and strategy. We already have a lot of interesting notifications to take a look at and we are producing more on a weekly level.

Of course, there’s also a way to help your newsroom reach targets. Smartocto Goals is the health app for the media industry: it shows you what you promised yourself and keeps track of your progress. With just a few clicks you can choose a metric, set a target, and define the timeframe in which you want to realise your goals on user needs.

On top of that, we will bring you into contact with other clients, across the globe, that are working with user needs. We’ll show use cases in webinars and workshops under the coordination of the father of user needs, Dmitry Shishkin.

Smartocto User Needs Actionable package includes the following:

  • Real time notifications on user needs;
  • Dashboards in which you can see what the impact is on reach, loyalty, engagement, and conversion for each user need, and make your own;
  • Historical analysis and reports about user needs;
  • Two one-hour workshops from smartocto’s user needs expert and Dmitry Shishkin and 5 hours of training for users;
  • Smartocto account manager that helps with the implementation and next steps;
  • 10 seats for smartocto Academy, e-learning platform with videos and quizzes about user needs;
  • Opportunity to be part of the global user needs community of smartocto and share and collect learnings;
  • Unlimited seats for smartocto Real time, smartocto Waves and smartocto Insights.
  • Optional: smartocto Goals helps you set a pageview target on user needs
Waves on user needs
Waves: customisable dashboard with real time insights on user needs
Goals on user needs
Goals: keep track of your goals on user needs

Future plans with user needs

We are actively working on a lot more that will power the User Needs Model with actionable analytics and you will have a front seat in that lab. Some secret stealth projects:

  • Let our prediction engine Smartify state which ‘Update me’ story needs to be followed with which new user need;
  • Working with clients to produce almost custom notifications with specific purposes;
  • Calculating strategic notifications on user needs and authors, topics, referrers, conversions and much more;
  • In smartocto Goals, you can set a target on pageviews per user need. More metrics will come.

If you're serious about taking your content strategy to new heights with User Needs, then smartocto is the tool you need. And frankly, the only one that can take it to the next level. Our powerful suite of features and world-class experts are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that you're always delivering content that resonates with your audience. So don't wait - book a meeting with our user needs team today and discover what smartocto can do for you!

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