We’re here to make it easy for all editors to realise the full potential of every story they publish. So, we created the Story Value Engine©, the world’s first story success predictor and calculator, to maximise the value of your story in relation to your content strategy and business model. It’s a big deal because it’s built with you - yes, YOU - in mind. And because you’re concerned for the future, sustainability and growth of your publication, that’s at the heart of our mission too:

We make online journalism profitable.

Results, subscriptions, conversions and overall reach have been groundbreaking - even in corona times. Smartocto is very important, both for our journalists and the data-driven approach of our newsroom in general.

roy wassink insights manager @ dpg media

Story Value Engine©

With the Story Value Engine© we are able to calculate the best scenario for every story throughout the entire life cycle.
With unique algorithms based on multiple data input we can turn your editorial effort into real impact, by connecting your stories to your desired audiences.

Learn more about the Story Value Engine here.

Visualisation of how the best scenario for your story is calculated. Rocket science, wouldn't you say?

turn editorial effort into profitability!

Your story at the centre of it all!

We are story driven. We know you are too. That’s why we all got into this game, right? It’s also why we put your story at the centre of it all. We want you to get the most out of every single one you publish. You write it and we will show you how to optimise it with all the tech, data collection and insights we offer.


We believe the stories you have to tell matter. We believe you have more important things to do than crunch data. That said, we also believe that being data-informed is essential to really connect you to your audience.

Thus, the smartocto tool does all the data analysis for you. What you get are nothing but smart, actionable notifications - and we only highlight the things that are important and worthy of your attention.

The things we show you will have an effect on your business and journalistic models. No time wasting. No fluff. Just the good stuff.

Our smart notifications offer tips to get the most out of your content strategy.

Smart, right?!

Trust us to take care of your online impact and find out about all the possibilities smartocto has to offer.
We promise it will be worth it!

Together we'll make every story count!