Let's get you more exposure online. Smartocto can give you key insights for your advertisement model. Our actionable tips and suggestions will get you up to 16% more views.

Smartocto’s notifications are the key to delivering maximum exposure for your news brand. Your model for advertisement depends on reach. We assist storytellers thousands of times per day, analyse mountains of data and we have a clear view on the uplift effect of our smart features. In a comprehensive eGuide, available at the bottom of this page, we explain how we make sure that every story counts.

Attention is the most valuable resource in the world. The global digital advertising market in 2022 is valued at roughly 600 billion euros.

A loyal community recognises content value. That will automatically result in more attention time. Media outlets that create value are trustworthy for their audience and therefore attractive for advertisers. We can help you build a strategy that gives you the best market fit for your audience.

How to get more attractive for advertisers

When we work with newsrooms, the smartocto algorithms do two things simultaneously for advertisement modeld:

  1. We deliver new audiences by optimising tactics on social media, strengthen the content strategy (for example with the User Needs Model) and give insights on the optimal timing of article publication.
  2. We facilitate more visits and pages per session from existing audiences. A/B testing of headlines and better positioning of teasers on the homepage will lead to a higher CTR. Smartocto enables you to increase the clicks from newsletters and real time dashboards, and reports will show the content that leads to loyalty and high recirculation. This all means: more views.

Download our eGuide to understand the proven impact that smartocto delivers.↓

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