No, smartocto is not the only editorial analytics tool out there. But, we are the most actionable. Our combination of features not only brings data into the newsroom or marketing department, it also helps you act on the data.

From the way we approach content analytics to the reports, dashboards and notifications we deliver; everything is designed to help you make every decision count - and therefore be profitable.

Comparison of tools

Especially since Google Analytics changed in July 2023, we got a lot of questions about the differences of analytics tools. Discover what sets us apart from other (editorial) analytics providers out there in the feature comparison overview below.

Do you want to make your own comparison? We get it. But be sure to gather the right information and ask the right questions.

Comparing smartocto with Google Analytics, Chartbeat, and IO technologies

What makes smartocto unique

The true strength of smartocto comes from our combination of both real-time and historical data. Our customisable dashboards show all the real-time information that matters to you, while the detailed historical reports allow you to hone your editorial strategy. Discover the benefits of our compound metrics loyalty, exposure and engagement that help you get to know your audience.

What's more, with knowledge of the past and insight in the present, we're able to make accurate predictions for future articles. Based on author, topic, and more, our algorithm predicts the best way out for every story and sends smart notifications to help steer you in the right direction.

These are the things that you won't find anywhere else:

  • Story life cycle approach
    We believe every story goes through 8 stages, from concept to evaluation. There's a lot to consider during this process, and we designed smartocto to support your decisions every step of the way.
  • Story value engine
    This is the engine that powers our predictive analysis. We feed it your stories and strategy and deliver dashboards, notifications and reports.
  • User needs approach
    What do people really want from the news? We've created a journalistic approach and technology around three distinct categories, that can help you write better stories with a stronger connection to your audience and brand.
  • Smartify
    A revolutionary decision making system that gives newsrooms AI-powered advise.
  • Innovation Lab
    We develop our technology for clients, with clients. We continuously work on innovations in editorial analytics and are always ready to consider requests for improvement.
  • Smart notifications
    Our smart notifications are completely tailored to your newsroom. They will instruct you exactly which editorial step to take next and why your newsroom will benefit from it.

Get a demo

If this all sounds good to you and you'd like to see the tool in action, feel free to request a demo. Our specialists are happy to guide you through the tool and answer any questions you may have.