Every company is a media company. No matter what product you sell, if you really want to connect to your target audience, you need a good story to tell. It's time to step away from campaign-thinking and embrace story-thinking: that story continues and is present always, and it defines you as a brand and your strategy. You build your themes and storytelling around it.

Connecting to your audience through content

The digital landscape is changing, and so are its inhabitants: the readers of your content. Their wishes and interests have shifted. And on top of that, 3rd party cookies and advertising will not be there to help you find them anymore - you'll have to build your brand on your own platforms and collect data about your leads there.

How do you, as a brand, storyteller and content marketer, stand out when the amount of stories published everyday is so overwhelming?

You need insights, both in your content performance and your audience behaviour, and an action plan to match your business goals.

from data to insights to action

Smartocto offers omnichannel editorial analytics that give insight into this and more. Tell us your business goals, and our technology will help you reach them.

  • Omnichannel story performance insights
  • Extensive audience behaviour metrics
  • Notifications to help optimise story performance
  • Reports that help sharpen your content marketing strategy

get smartified

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