A smooth digital workflow is the way forward for many media companies. A wide variety of systems helps to facilitate this - systems that you provide:

  • Content management systems
  • Asset management systems
  • Dashboards
  • Audio and video platforms
  • Communication systems
  • And many more

Maybe your system also includes some form of analytics and stats. But you, and your client, may have come to realise that while data is great, data-informed decision making can be quite complex. Especially when they use multiple platforms and data sources.

Smartocto can send you customer's content performance data (impact, engagement, workflow) through a system of really smart algorithms and get predictions, notifications, metrics, lists and graphs back to incorporate right into your system.

from data to insights to action

Now you can offer clients and users a ‘smartified’ system, that understands their business model and helps to boost it.

Smartify add-in for your media system

Smartify takes the data available in your technology and turns it into insights that help your clients and users optimise. The algorithms are designed to promote their own business models and goals. It's an additional layer of intelligence on top of your own system, that delivers notifications and insights either right on your own platform or any other inbox. And your client has the power to adjust it to their needs.

Pluxbox, a cloud-based platform for the radio industry, is adding the Smartify plugin to their technology. They are very pleased with the additional analytics layer and valuable insights this can offer to their users. Dennis Laupman, their CEO, recently discussed this in our webinar.

Smartify your platform

If you're curious about the benefits of Smartify, you can download the brochure or get in touch with us through the form below.

get smartified

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