All media companies should know that they need data to be ready for the future. Here are some questions for media companies.

  • How do you unify all that data, across platforms, systems, channels and different stories?
  • How do you present the data in such a way that the newsroom is able to make the best decisions based on it?
  • Who will inform the content creators of remarkable events and best practices?
  • Who will identify and point out important patterns in performance and audience behaviour?

Make your data actionable

Smartocto wants to help you get from data to action and smartify your system. This is the add-in to your existing data solution that makes data smart - a bridge between the data and the newsroom with

  • Powerful algorithms
  • APIs
  • Data visualisations

from data to insights to action

Why Smartify is the next step in editorial analytics

We recently hosted a webinar, together with digital transformation and innovation specialist Dmitry Shishkin, about the importance of actionability and the evolution of editorial analytics. It explains why data alone is not enough, and how actionable data in smartified form can benefit you in the new digital landscape.

Smartify your data system

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits and features of Smartify, you can download the brochure or get in touch with us through the form below.

get smartified

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