In this client case whitepaper we followed a specific story from a Dutch newspaper based in Nijmegen, called De Gelderlander. They are covering the Eastern part of the Netherlands with a traditional printed paper but they have an increasingly growing online presence as well.

I’m convinced that smartocto helps us to keep our eyes on the right stories. It helps us to get the discussions going and it makes us stronger and more relevant as a news brand. The tips are very helpful to make sure we don’t miss things and ensure we focus on the stories that matter to our audience.

Joris Gerritsen, editor in chief De Gelderlander

Joris Gerritsen editor in chief

From A to Z

We followed a story completely from A to Z to understand exactly what happened, how the story was monitored in smartocto, to what suggestions and smart notifications it led, how these tips were followed up, what the newsroom was doing during this whole period and what the learnings are.

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