Waves - our standalone, fully customisable Big Screen - is here

Data in the newsroom is not one-size-fits-all. Every role and section of your newsroom requires a slightly different view on your goals and tasks. The social media editor of a sport section needs different KPI’s and filters than the editor-in-chief. Luckily for them, smartocto has built a unique feature: modular Big Screens. Choosing from many different templates, and with just a few clicks, you can build your own cockpit with all the numbers, graphs and lists that you care about. Conversions, pageviews or reading time, it is all there. Our new Big Screen feature is a big part of what makes smartocto actionable. See the performance of your stories dropping? That's the time to spring into action.

  • Build your Big Screen however you want
  • Adjust the data you see to best serve your business goals
  • Custom overviews for each role in the newsroom
Big Screen mock-up
Choose the metrics that matter to you

The best from the smartocto suite

Until now, a fixed Big Screen was only part of the full smartocto Realtime subscription. But that's about to change: Waves is available as a standalone feature. It's super powerful to get it combined with smartocto Realtime or smartocto Insights, but you can even use it without the extra features. This way, your newsroom can grow in steps (and without a lot of costs) to a mature data strategy. They will not just show you data, but the right data, which will prevent your new analytics approach from failing.

Big screen modules
Custom layouts that show you everything you need

Highlight what's important to you

We're happy that you're interested in the story about your stories, and we want to give you all the insights you need to make every story count. With this feature, any newsroom - and any member of the newsroom - can create their own personal dashboard with relevant metrics. You could even recreate the dashboard from other tools you're using right now!

Curious about the possibilities? Challenge us and contact us for a demo: