Smartocto is proud to announce the launch of its newest feature, smartocto Goals. This real-time dashboard is designed to help media professionals effectively track their progress and achieve their targets.

Goals is designed to coach media professionals and help them operate in a way that fits their strategy. Set, track, and succeed.

Erik van Heeswijk, CEO @ smartocto

Erik van Heeswijk CEO @ smartocto

As newsrooms want to stay on top of daily, weekly, and monthly targets, they need to know when they’re doing well - and where their focus must be when they’re missing the mark. Whether it's campaign reach, conversions, subscriptions, or social traffic, smartocto Goals provides a comprehensive solution to monitor and visualise these key performance indicators.

The standout attributes of smartocto Goals is its versatility and customisability. It caters not only to the traditional metrics but soon as well to unique needs and activities specific to media teams. For instance, if you want to provide extra guidance to your team, you can set baselines for header tests, premium story production, or Facebook posts. With just a few clicks, you can choose a metric, set a target, and define the timeframe for achieving your goals.

The inner ring shows where you should be considering time, the outer ring shows the progress until that very moment.

Data-driven decision making

“Goals serves as the health app for the media industry, displaying your self-imposed targets and tracking your progress in real-time. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly functionality make it effortless to stay on top of your objectives”, says Erik van Heeswijk, CEO at smartocto. “It’s visualised in such a way that it supports course corrections during the day or week if necessary.”

The feature was created in collaboration with dpg Media, a Belgian-Dutch publisher that understands the challenges faced by media professionals in meeting their targets. “To ensure our product meets their needs, we frequently work together with clients in the development of new features”, says smartocto’s success manager Martijn de Bie. “The specific desire here was to enable the clients to set clear targets that align with their strategy, ensuring content production meets audience expectations effectively."

Smart tracking

The way smartocto presents the results will be ‘smart’. “Time and progress don’t go hand in hand”, Martijn de Bie says. “We recognise that there are certain moments during the day that traffic peaks. At 5 o’clock in the morning, it’s unlikely that you already are at 20% of your target. Therefore Goals will be able to follow the consumption behaviour during the day, based on the client’s own historical data, to give a true estimate if you’re on track or not at a certain time. ”

By setting specific goals, media organisations can optimise their content and distribution strategies. For instance, a newsroom transitioning to a user needs-based approach can leverage Goals to track production rates, ensuring they are delivering the right content types and meeting the diverse needs of their audience.

Some examples:

  • Make 5 ‘Educate me’ stories a day.
  • Publish 100 ‘Divert me’ stories a week.
  • Create 200 ‘Help me’ stories a month.

But also:

  • Get 500k visitors to your sports section a day.
  • Make sure you’ll get 20 million pageviews a week.
  • Create 500 premium articles a month.
  • Get x amount of subscriptions/logins.

    Since smartocto is always thinking about making things actionable, we serve you concrete tips on how to improve your strategy. Notifications can tell you:

    ... if you are going to reach your target, and celebrate when you do
    ... which stories (or author) contributes most to the current impact, and what you can do to leverage that force
    ... which sections are doing well, and which ones aren’t
    ... if the team workflow and effort is good enough to make it happen

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