Smartocto has developed a tool that, thanks to artificial intelligence, can aid in identifying user needs. Anyone interested can now try it out for free.

Currently in beta, the user needs analysis tool allows you to input the text of any article. Our algorithmic wizards in the code will then analyse it to unveil which user need(s) it addresses.

Check it out:

When you're just starting with user needs, it can be challenging to determine which articles cover specific user needs. This tool eliminates the labour from that process and enables you to quickly identify where your articles stand in the matrix of four core 'drivers.' While it reveals the addressed drivers or user needs, it also provides tips on where articles may fall short, ensuring that what you believe you're producing aligns with what is actually being delivered.

Automated user needs analysis in journalism is crucial for several reasons, as explained by Goran Milovanovic, senior data scientist at Smartocto. "It significantly enhances efficiency and responsiveness by promptly providing feedback on user needs in particular articles. This agility ensures that news organisations can adapt to rapidly changing audience preferences.”

Rutger Verhoeven, co-founder and CMO at Smartocto, believes this tool could be pivotal for optimising your content strategy. "Because this technology gives you instant feedback about which journalistic angle your article was written from, you immediately learn where optimisations can be made.”


The tool is currently in the development phase, and its accuracy may not be consistent. This separate AI prototype will be available until available until December 31th 2023. For further information please view more.

Smartocto values user feedback and encourages users to provide their insights. For any feedback, questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via email at