Covering the news from a user needs perspective

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How do you stand out when every news outlet is covering the same news? Are you looking to strengthen your bond with loyal readers, and offer them something only your brand can? Do a user needs analysis. Then you're going to be on the edge of your seat during this masterclass, where we teach you all about the practical application of the user needs model.

User needs expert Dmitry Shishkin is our co-host for this event, so you'll be learning from the best! He shows the audience research tools you'll need.

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The user needs approach

The user needs model was first introduced by the BBC World Service. In a world where news is available anywhere and anytime, they wanted to explore if a different approach to content commissioning could help their brand stand out and provide an added value for their audience. After extensive audience research, they determined that there are six reasons why people consume news. By trying to appeal to each of these needs, they were able to transform their story output and create more engagement. This has been proven again in our own Triple N project!

During this workshop, you'll learn

  • What the user needs are and why they matter
  • How to choose a different perspective to cover news stories
  • How to connect with readers in a stronger way with valuable content

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