Installing the Tentacles extension

If you want to start with smartocto Tentacles, you can use this Google Chrome extension. This plugin can be installed from the Chrome Web Store.

Not using Chrome? You can install the extension by dragging the image below to your bookmarks bar.

Launch Tentacles

Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the bookmarks bar is visible in the browser
  2. Drag the smartocto Tentacles icon to the bookmarks bar
  3. When you’ve added the shortcut, press it to launch Tentacles for your website

If you can’t see the bar, follow the instructions of the browser you’re using:

A/B-testing with smartocto Tentacles

After installation, go to the website on which you want to perform the A/B-tests.

Select the bookmark to launch smartocto Tentacles on your website. Click the icon in the bottom right corner, and logon with your smartocto-credentials.

Now you're ready to start testing!

Tentacles on page