Real time analytics

It’s all about now. You want to react to the pulse of the day, so that’s why smartocto is real time. Smartocto's real time tool is a complete content analytics solution that supports multiple business models, whether your focus is on advertising or reader revenue. Of course we serve a clear omnichannel view and present your data in an easy-to-understand way - that’s why editors love using our tool!

Which insights can you gather from our real time tool?

  • Story reach and consumptions divided by channel
  • (Social) engagement in real time, based on your own unique mix of measurable channels
  • The impact of all your content over time
  • The progress of campaigns by tracking them via bundle graphs
  • Your impact measured by showing the timing of the newsroom (effort) against the impact of the stories on different channels (impact).
  • The system serves smart notifications calculated on every story. Our smart notifications that tell you exactly which stories need what editorial action

Are people actually seeing and reading your stories? Or is something happening that needs your attention? The real time analytics tool tells you just that based on multiple key metrics, like pageviews, engagement and conversion. With our real time tool you are able to boost your journalistic model and online impact, grow your reader loyalty and optimise your content strategy.

Curious about how real-time analytics and smart notifications can benefit your news stories? Contact us today to get a no obligation demo of our tool!

Watch this video to see our smart notifications in action!

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