Can you A/B test headlines with smartocto?

The short answer is: YES! Head on over to our features section, where you’ll find everything you need to know!

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What is the Story Value Engine©?

In short: it's your answer to online profitability. And now that we've got your attention you probably want to know more... We calculate, based on numerous data-points (historically and in real-time), what the expected performance of your story will be. You can use that predictive insight to optimise your online presence. Many clients do already! There’s much more on this - click here to delve deep.

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Does smartocto have limited seats?

Nope. Building data literacy is absolutely crucial these days and we believe that we need to remove obstacles to this wherever we can. So, no: we don’t charge per seat, and this obviously means you can give anyone in your team access to smartocto. Spread the love (and the data-informed good vibes!).

So much to ask. Let's start here!

Who are the people behind smartocto?

If you’re thinking that all this sounds just a teensy bit familiar, you may be right. Smartocto is the new, merged company of Content Insights and SmartOcto. We joined forces in 2020 and we’re excited. Damn excited.

The founders of both companies (Dejan Nikolic of Content Insights, and Erik van Heeswijk & Rutger Verhoeven of SmartOcto) come from the media industry and both of these apps came into being after searches for editorial analytics tools proved fruitless. None that Dejan or Erik and Rutger found served their editorial needs from a storytelling perspective; all were created from a data point of view. Fine for analysts, not so useful for busy editors and publishers. This perspective matters - and it’s what makes us unique in the market. We get you because we’ve been there.

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Who should use smartocto?

All professionals who deal with content on some level and need to measure their content performance can benefit from smartocto. We offer great value for:

  • Publishers
  • Newsrooms
  • Broadcasters
  • Journalists
  • Storytellers
  • Social Media content creators
  • Content marketers
  • SEO professionals

Our content intelligence tool was created by editors, for editors. We believe in smart digital publishing so stories can find the audiences they deserve - and really connect to them. Together we can make every story count!

What's so special about the Story Life Cycle©?

We think of stories as being part of a cycle: an ongoing process which gets more and more refined with experience. We’re able to help guide you through each of the 8 stages of this cycle, offering guidance on how to properly maximise your impact at each step of the way. If you want to find out more check the special page or download the whitepaper.

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How much help can I expect with setting up smartocto?

A lot of help. Our Support Team will send you customised instructions on how to successfully set up our wicked application. They will support you from the beginning until the very end of the process. We have smart data access documents, tutorials, we talk to you via Slack, all to make your onboarding into a pleasant experience.

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