Smartocto launched its long-awaited e-learning platform, smartocto academy, today. Now, anyone who wants to learn about editorial data analytics can find support, explanation and help in deepening their online content strategy in one place.

Smartocto academy is now available for clients and registrants. At its core are a series of videos, where specialists show users around the data analytics tool. Within the e-learning program, hosted by specialist Pluvo, participants can answer quiz questions and get assignments to make sure they can transfer what they’ve learned to real-world scenarios. Our Knowledge College and answers to frequently asked questions make the course indispensable for any storyteller who wants to go beyond a basic understanding of how their content is performing. Participants can get certificates if they run through a module.

The platform was created after clients asked for an explanatory online environment, Rutger Verhoeven, cofounder and CMO of smartocto says. “It’s important that our users feel confident in using our tool - and use it in an optimal way. Users need to understand the buttons and numbers, as well as think strategically about improving their content. In smartocto academy, we try to bring those aspects together.”

The platform will be available initially to a small group of media outlets who will test the 1.0 version. “We call it a soft launch, because we are testing it in collaboration with various clients and we’re not finished yet”, Rutger explains. “The academy will be adjusted to the needs and questions our clients have. We want to improve it in the upcoming months to make it useful for a broad audience among mediamakers.”

One of the clients that asked smartocto to create an e-learning platform is DPG Media, the biggest publisher in The Netherlands and Belgium. “For our journalists it is great that they can update their knowledge when it fits into their own agendas”, Thomas Boeschoten, lead of the news analytics team of DPG Media says. “They need to be able to get the maximum out of their stories. Besides the personal coaching from our editorial analysts, an e-learning platform should make them more aware of the possibilities data analytics tools like smartocto have to offer.”

The people behind smartocto academy have worked as editors and content creators, and understand what challenges the industry is facing. “We believe in the tech we’ve created, but we think it’s even more important to help you to become successful by using our tech. And that’s the exact reason why we decided to build smartocto academy: to help you grow as a journalist”, Rutger says in conclusion.