A platform-independent intelligence layer that makes any and every data collection tool smart and actionable. Sounds good, no?

If you've seen our recent webinar on Smartify, you know that this is what we're currently working on. Smartify is a set of features that collects data (and it’s completely data-agnostic, so it really doesn’t mind where the data comes from), interprets it based on your content strategy and business goals, and delivers notifications, daily digests, summaries, dashboards, reports and more to help you to help you optimise your work and ultimately achieve your goals. You hardly need us to remind you that having the data is not enough: you need to act on it. And that's where we want to help, whether you use smartocto Realtime or not.

A visualisation of Smartify

Create smarter with data

Today's online content maker is faced with a real challenge. Every brand has a story to tell. With it, they need to reach and impress an audience and provide value in whichever way possible. That much is simple. But, of course things are never simple, are they?

The digital landscape is in a constant state of flux: features are being developed on existing channels and apps but, also there are always new kids on the block arriving with something newer and more shiny. The amount of content is growing and audiences are becoming less loyal.

All these things make it more and more difficult to truly connect to an audience. To do this and break through the noise, you need to go back to your readers and understand what makes them tick. And, yes, data is the key to that knowledge: content producers need data to estimate how they can get the most profit from the effort they put into their stories.

There are plenty of tools out there that collect data. But do they tell you what to do with it? Do you know what to do with it? Ultimately, whether you consider data to be valuable to your newsroom comes down to if it’s actionable or not - and that's where smartocto Smartify comes in. It's an interpreter for that data and will let you know if you’re on course with the strategy you operate with - or not.

And, because it’s data-agnostic, the best part is that you can integrate it into your own existing data system - whatever that looks like.

A tool that processes and interprets data for you

When you look at the development of analytics, Google Analytics was at the beginning. What we’re doing now is much, much further removed from that starting point. Instead of just visualising data, we want to deliver an intelligence that processes the numbers and translates them into tips that you can act on. There’s a reason we’re calling it Smartify. Our tool is that extra layer of intelligence you’ve been waiting for that calculates smart tips for every data collection point you have: a turbo injection for your data systems.

Machine learning and AI in publishing

We predict that this will be the future of content analytics and smartifying systems. With the merger of our company, we were able to start thinking ahead and experiment with machine learning and AI. We think this will become more and more accepted in the online publishing industry. It's what makes our actionable user needs possible, and allowed us to create Smartify.

Yes, robotic journalism and AI may be feared for now, but we foresee some interesting shifts happening in the industry, for example with automatic content creation. It can make a journalists' job easier, rather than jeopardise it. Bots will be able to take over so-called 'hygiene content' and write the standard Update Me articles based on simple - predictable - journalistic structures. For example, game-results or outcomes of elections are already being produced without any human interference. This will continue and bots will become better, using more rich text and writing more creatively.

This is actually a good thing for journalism as a whole, because there's more time available for quality articles, signature pieces - stuff that the desired audience will attract to your brand and online output. And if you're looking for a smart data system that helps you make the right decisions, Smartify is here for you.