A/B testing for teasers now available

Tentacles, our tool for A/B testing your headlines, just got a whole lot cooler: you can now also do A/B tests for your article lead, or teaser. It’s as simple as entering the two alternatives in your tool and letting the test run. After a couple of hours, a winner will be picked and automatically become visible for all your website visitors.

So from now on you’ll never have to guess again what introductory text to your articles would appeal the most to your readers, you can just test it!

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Tentacles, our A/B testing tool

Tentacles calculates the impact headlines have on engagement, reader depth, time spent, clicks and many other metrics in real time. Whether you’re in the impact, ads, subscriptions or relevance business, we can help - and many large newsrooms around the world already benefit from the insights Tentacles offers to support their specific online strategy.

In addition, Tentacles also gives insights for the orchestration of home or index pages. With simple visualisations and clear tips, smartocto will help you organise your most important online outlets, creating the best reach for all your stories.

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve released the newest version of Tentacles, which makes it possible to A/B test teasers & leads as well.

With this extension you’re now able to find out if longer leads work better for your audience or if specific words or sentences lead to higher CTR or even conversion.

(All in real time, of course!)

We believe this is a powerful addition to Tentacles. And we’re not the only ones - the first results from our clients are very promising too. Since the UX is based on the initial A/B testing it’s an easy to understand and easy to use extension. It’s fun to play around with the possibilities and learn - on the fly - what impact it has on your audience.

If you want to find out more about Tentacles and the new teaser-tester or discuss the possibilities smartocto has to offer for your newsroom (or request a demo) then please get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have and find out how we can help!

Take a look at this explainer video to see how this all works.

A/B test your story teasers with smartocto

Oh, and we’re also working on A/B testing images in order to support the various ways of optimising all your editorial efforts. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest developments and blogs!