Smartocto Real Talk, where we talk for real about media innovations, digital transformation, tech, storytelling, digital journalism and everything else that is relevant for newsrooms across the globe. This is episode 1.

Real Talk episode 1, click to listen

The user needs model, with Dmitry Shishkin

In this episode we talk to Dmitry Shishkin, former editor of the BBC World Service, about the world famous 'user needs' model. Dmitry is an award winning digital transformation leader, who was one of the first advocates of the 'user needs' approach at the BBC.

Why are these user needs so important to newsrooms in their everlasting search to stay relevant in the online domain?

We'll discuss the following:

  • What are the user needs and how can they help the newsroom?
  • What do people actually want from news?
  • The Triple N project
  • The future of revenue in the news industry
  • The key to keeping young people interested in the news

For the user needs examples of Mo Salah, check this video of Dmitry at the Google News Initiative Innovation Forum.

More information about the Hearken model and 'newsroom heart-attack' can be found here: Public-powered journalism in practice.