When you combine focused editorial analytics with targeted actionable notifications great things happen. Take subscriptions. By acting on notifications sent to optimise articles, we’ve seen newsbrands enjoy up to a 39% bump in subscriptions. Here’s how that happened.

If you have a look in the Insights part of our tool, you’ll have the option to see your content performance through a cool visualisation: the quadrant model.

It’s not a new idea: analysts have been using this for ages.

Essentially, it's the Eisenhower Model.

The former US-president famously liked to keep things simple, and the method is straightforward. When decision making, focus on what’s urgent and what’s important - and based on that decide, delegate, do or delete (perhaps the term ‘dismiss’ is better). Our model is no different.

When it’s applied to editorial analytics, it can be a game changer - especially when it comes to subscriptions.

A quick recap: what is the quadrant model?

What data can do, and what it does here are entirely different.

It’s such a simple idea, it’s almost criminal.

Two axes: typically one registers engagement, the other exposure (aka reach).

The visualiser divides this area into four quadrants.

All articles (each represented by a dot) are plotted onto this model according to performance.

Top right: total win.

Bottom left: absolute disappointment.

Top left: engaged readers, but not so many of them.

Bottom right: loads of readers, not much engagement.

So, in a world of quadrants, it stands to reason that you want your stuff to land in the top right. And, with a tool like ours you can see that easily.

But that’s not all - and it’s not the point of this blog either. Read on.

The visualisation is just a report. The real value is the actionability.

Data’s great - if you’re a data scientist. But if you’re not, data reports need to be presented in a digestible form to be useful. That’s where actionable notifications come in. While it’s nice to know about what’s performing well, it’s even better if you’re prompted to make changes to make those things better.

  • We can tell you when to push an article (helping exposure)
  • We can remind you to check the headline
  • We can suggest an alternative user need to write the article from
  • We can help you decide which articles qualify to be behind the paywall
  • We can let you know if you have enough premium content on your homepage

The goldmine

Now imagine this.

Each quadrant can be divided into its own quadrant, and if you look at the top right of the top right, you’ll find the goldmine. These are the articles that have the potential to outperform.

We send notifications out on content that sits in that space in order to optimise it even further and we’ve found that if you follow up on those suggestions, you’ll see an uplift of up to 39% on your monthly subscriptions.

Surely those kinds of numbers are worth getting in touch?!