smartocto headquarters Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Our Vision

We believe in smart digital publishing so stories can find the audiences they deserve - and really connect to them.

Our Mission

We build simple-to-use and powerful technology that empowers editors to optimise the Story Life Cycle© with actionable data.

we measure what matters to you!

Stories that matter

As humans we’re hardwired to respond to stories. It’s a narrative form we all understand, and it’s no coincidence that that’s why it’s our focus. Stories matter. It’s probably why you got into journalism and publishing in the first place. Heck, it’s why we did.

So, smartocto’s mission has always been - and will always be - to find the best way out for your story. We calculate the best scenario for every story, leaving you more time to do the wordsmith stuff you’re hardwired to do.

We calculate the best scenario for every story

Our Manifesto

Today’s digital landscape is littered with debris. A staggering number of stories fly around without ever reaching an audience. This endangers the very heart of publishing, and it’s something we believe can be reversed.

We're convinced that digital publishing should be smart. This is the only way to make it possible to really connect stories to your audience. Smart to us means using relevant data (we’d rather use less than more) in such a way that publishers are able to optimise the Story Life Cycle© of each story. From creating stories (via real-time analytics) to improving impact – the smartocto tool is here to strengthen the connection with your audience.

We believe publishing is a serious affair; we’ve all been connected to it in one way or another and know the ins and outs. But work should be fun, too. Whether we are working with our clients or with our own team, we don’t shy away from a bit of playfulness. This also manifests itself in how we design things: we think that everything we do should look great and be easy to work with. Boring is not in our playbook. All of this comes with responsibility and we take this seriously. The tool may be powered by data, but our customer service is manned entirely by humanoids. You’ll know us by name - and we’ll know yours. The support and guidance is there for you, whenever you need it. To connect all this is what drives us and we always take action to serve the publishing world better.

Because life's just simply better with great stories

Our editorial analytics help you optimise the impact of your stories; at the right moment, on the right channel, in the right form.