Learn more about our Cartoon Characters

Learn more about our Cartoon Characters
3 April 2017 Rutger Verhoeven

Learn more about our Cartoon Characters !

For all of you that have been following our stories and joining in on a variety of topics and conversations related to content strategy, digital transformation, data analytics, editorial decisioning, real time insights and all the subjects that lay in the peripheries of that, you must have noted that we enrich our blog posts with cartoons. In the post More than a 1000 words I’ve introduced the different characters briefly.

I think it’s time to jump into these funny little cartoon-figures and try to explain what they are all about and why the speak and behave the way the do. This must sound familiar if you’re working with them. In this post: Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


Let’s start with the biggest puzzle of them all. Because it’s so complex, overwhelming and comprehensive we’ve decided to make her a woman.
We’ve shortly described her as: the arrogant know-it-all who still manages to give the best online party.

When I was responsible for the online presence of large media brands there was always discussion among online editors whether or not to fall for the seduction of the promoted post.

It always felt like the point of no return – once you cross that line there’s no way back. That makes Facebook so arrogant.

But there’s something else to her … Looking more closely to Facebook we’ve noticed that she embraces specific types of content. She like videos more than plain text. She likes fresh and brand new postings more than the older ones. She likes content that is being commented on, way more than she likes postings that just collect likes. If your post gets shared in a broad variety of communities Facebook seems to pay more attention to it and is willing to spread it more widely. So if your content fits the algorithms of Facebook itself, you’re more likely to get introduced to a broader audience. Wanna find out more about this? Check this post.
But most of all Facebook is about friendship and family. Sharing everything you care about, like and love with your loved ones. And Facebook has a clear relation with news. It’s the biggest referral channel for (traditional) media bringing audience to their own landscape.That’s also the reason why Facebook started with Instant Articles and video to make the decrease the urge to leave the platform.


Another bad ass channel is of course YouTube. Lots of TV-makers discovered this channel and started to put their vids on the platform but there’s more to it. You’ve got hangouts, AMA’s, new broadcasting initiatives such as The Young Turks Network and something cool and totally useless such as this. And then of course yo’ve got the vloggers !

We described YouTube as the hiphop dude that’s always looking for action and excitement. There’s a great match with music and video, lot’s of channels are built upon this marriage. But games and video also get along very well. on a lot of subjects. YouTube is a serious channel with great content.

The killer-combo is self-made young hipsters talking from a F1-chair telling jokes (mostly bad ones) and getting excited about lots of unimportant little things. The new TV so to say. If you’re afraid you’ve missed something check this link. And for the dutch version there’s this top10.



The first serious next platform is Instagram. We described her as the paparazzi who’s living the dream of show don’t tell. It started of with pictures but it’s poosible to upload short video to the channel as well. It was never possible to communicate links with a single post but in my previous post I described the adventuregram from Range Rover showing that there’s a hack to this. Since August 2016 Instagram added ‘stories’ to their platform making it possible to tell stories that last only 24 hours. On their blogpost Instagrams says: “With Instagram Stories, you don’t have to worry about overposting. Instead, you can share as much as you want throughout the day — with as much creativity as you want. You can bring your story to life in new ways with text and drawing tools. The photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in feed.”


It’s of course a way to make the platform more relevant, more top of mind and therefore more sticky. And since you can only put a link in your profile settings it is hard to leave the channel. That’s why we’ve designed miss Insta as a rather self centered character. And of course she has a duck face … the only appropriate way to selfie yourself nowadays !

And where YouTube has the magic mix with music and games, Instagram is on modeling, glamour and fashion.


And a little fun fact about Instagram. The channel changed the way we take pictures. You turn your back to your audience and take your picture ….
Oh and if you need a tutorial on how to become famous on Instagram overnight check this or if you need serious Instagram hacks it’s right here. All on YouTube by the way.

There’s one specific theme that has caught the eye of all three social channels: Food, cooking and baking. In a next blog-post I’ll write more about this interesting social marriage and why it’s so attractive to have cooking channels on all these platforms.