Once upon a time ...

Long gone are the days when journalism’s remit was solely to update. Of course that’s still a valid reason to publish, but things have got a lot more complex - and frankly a lot more interesting. We think of stories as being part of a cycle: an ongoing process which gets more and more refined with experience. We’re able to help guide you through each of the 8 stages of this cycle, offering guidance on how to properly maximise your impact at each step of the way.

Our Story life cycle defines the 8 stages each story goes through

overview of the whole story life cycle

To understand the full power of the story life cycle© you need to understand a few things.

  • it's a modular approach which means you can choose which apps within the cycle you want to use to optimise your stories
  • smartocto can connect to multiple data sources, so we can also use the data from tools you already have and still add notifications to it in order to get your newsroom actionable
  • we're easy to talk to, we love great stories and we're here to help. So if you have any questions on the digital transformation you're facing just let us know!