The quest of SmartOcto video…

The quest of SmartOcto video…
3 April 2017 SmartOcto

Coming soon: SmartOcto video!

Storytelling and film are a proven combination, a great way to communicate facts and emotions. Because of that, video becomes more and more important in the content strategy of brands and media organizations. Storytellers are looking for maximum impact, in terms of reach, engagement or conversion.

Nowadays that goal involves dealing with a multiple of channels, often the same video gets streamed on the web, in the app, on Youtube or on Facebook. That piece of content can find its audience on many platforms and devices. But do we really have the insight on how the video touched all these viewers? Can we act quickly on chances that arrive?

To do that, we need an omnichannel view in real time, and SmartOcto is working on that. Even more, it calculates the best boosters for every video, and gives you easy suggestions on how to act!

SmartOcto video collects all the relevant video consumption data from the used channels (web, app, Facebook, Youtube etc) and breaks it down to make story graphs. The story page shows a visualization of the real-time impact of every single video, consumption and engagement (Facebook shares, Youtube comments etc…). It gives you all the numbers in one place!


At SmartOcto we strongly believe that all data should be actionable, that the goal of insight is to take action. But an elaborate content strategy can be quite complex. SmartOcto helps with clever notifications. It advises to upload a video on the right time in Youtube or to make a Facebook video into a promoted post. It predicts which video should have a app follow-up in the morning, or notices the negative sentiment in the buzz. It’s simply the best colleague you will ever have.

The flow: real time overview and timing

On top of that story view SmartOcto built features that puts big data in the work flow of storytellers. It contains a Big Screen view, that is really present in the editorial room, and the Impact Radar, that shows the impact of your strategy compared to the timing of your efforts. It lets you filter the video’s into fast and big stories. You will never miss a chance to boost your performance.


The future: segments and articles

The SmartOcto omnichannel real time video analytics system with predictive notifications are simply unique in the world. But SmartOcto has just started. It has the possibility to see the viewing habits of your different target groups in real time. Also, it can connect to other elements of your content strategy, articles or social posts, and notify on the relationship between the elements (“This article is not big, but the embedded video gets a lot of views. Your title should be about that!”). Just ask the SmartOcto team about the possibilities; it’s all about your story!

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