The smartocto client experience

What happens when you become a client of smartocto? What activities are expected from your side and what can you expect from us?

It's important to note that with smartocto you're not just buying a tool - you'll also get the support and advice of our customer success managers, who all have roots in the newsroom. Our onboarding team will help make the transition as smooth as possible, offering support and talking to you all through the first month. The implementation process is really easy and our team is there to help you every step of the way.

But even after that, we're always searching for ways to make your stories a success and if we signal possibilities for improvement on your website, we'll be sure to let you know. Think of it as an extra colleague in your newsroom (sometimes literally).

I enjoy being a client with smartocto because it’s a company that I can have a conversation with. I don’t feel like I’ve simply purchased an anonymous SaaS tool - I can discuss strategic challenges and how the tool can be of help there. You can only use the tools to their full potential if you know how to use them, so smartocto’s consultancy is really priceless.

tim zunneberg head of digital @ omroep brabant

possible connectors

We'll connect to your data sources

Over the years, you've likely accumulated a range of data sources and analytics tools for the newsroom. Maybe you're attached to those, maybe not, but there's no reason to stop using them once you choose smartocto. We can connect to almost anything, leaving you room to keep using the tools you love whilst still getting valuable insights from our editorial analytics solutions. If names like Google Analytics, Splunk, Firebase realtime database, Adobe Analytics or Slack ring a bell, you're all set. Download our brochure to see all the apps, tools and platforms we can connect with. Missing something? Don't worry, we're always eager to make new connections. We're friendly like that.

choose what works for you

Packages and pricing

Every client is unique. We create a custom package of products and services, catered to your wishes. Contact us for a demo and price indication.

We roughly offer 2 different products, that you can enhance with additional tools and features:

smartocto realtime

Our real-time editorial analytics solution. This actionable data system is not only story centric, but visualises omnichannel impact and serves smart notifications to boost your content strategy. With Tentacles, you can A/B test your headlines and story teasers.

smartocto insights

This reporting system focuses on historical overviews of your content's performance. Daily, weekly or monthly reports show advanced behavioural metrics such as engagement, loyalty, time spend and attention time.

When you combine the two, magic happens: the Story Value Engine comes to life. Using predictive analysis based on your historical and real-time data, it sends custom notifications that are specifically designed to boost your revenue.

Check out our feature page for more.

let's connect!

The smartocto promise

  1. It will be fun and supportive
    We thrive on challenges and would love to see nothing more than smartocto being supportive and helpful with whatever it is you're facing right now. As stated above, our team of Client success managers is eager to help you settle in and make the most of your data.
  2. It will be insightful and helpful
    With real-time and historical data on story performance, and actionable notifications to help you optimise, you'll learn more about your content and audience than you'd ever dreamed.
  3. It will be nerdy (in a good way)
    This is inescapable if you're dealing with analytics, data, metrics, algorithms and data collection. But, all that stuff is covered in good design, that will show you exactly what you need.