More than a 1000 words

More than a 1000 words
2 June 2016 Rutger Verhoeven

Everyone’s familiar with the expression ‘don’t tell them, show them’. In all sorts of different contexts.

When I went to university and studied mass communications I first got introduced to this mythical saying by a professor in cinematography. He explained that in the traditional narrative structures of Hollywood movies it’s more important to show your audience what you want to express rather than having a character telling it. If there’s too much telling involved you even call it a ‘speaking dog’.


If a movie characters tells you something you’re less likely to believe it, if a character shows you something you’re more likely to believe it. In normal life it’s no different. The power of the eye.
In an interesting blog-post on the power of pictures the author (James Balm) explains the power of an image. We at CleverLions strongly believe that visuals are more than half of the story you want to tell. Pictures make you remember stories better.

I think a visual strong and outstanding product will attract and engage more than straight forward design. Therefor our notification dashboard SmartOcto has been designed by the best Dutch designers of Fabrique. We’re in the big data business. In 99 out of a 100 cases it’s no fun to have to look at pie-charts and grumpy graphics all day, let alone badly designed ones. So our visual signature makes it more fun and easier for companies to start getting data informed and data driven.
Since we also believe in telling stories we had to come up with something outstanding that will stick just as much. And that is why, from now on, we will blog with cartoons. Sander de Fouw helped us with the creation of the different characters.  And because we are who we are, we’ve added a little funny twist.
We decided to make characters of all the social channels we monitor in our dashboard and they all have their own personalities.

YouTube, the hiphop dude that’s always looking for action and excitement,
Pinterest, the creative mother that wants to show the world she’s really into DIY,
Facebook, the bitchy arrogant know-it-all who still manages to give the best online party,
Google, well you know, he’s just pretty present and obnoxious,
SnapChat the unpredictable and goofy dude that no-one truly understands and
Instagram, the paparazzi who’s living the dream of show don’t tell
They all have their own point of view on things that are happening online and they talk to SmartOcto about it – because they appreciate his authority and of course his brilliant mind.

So enjoy our cartoon-blog from now on, spread the word, follow us and let us know what you think. We love to tell stories but we also love to listen to them. As long as they’re engaging !


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