Life saver solutions

Life saver solutions
27 June 2016 Rutger Verhoeven

the shipping container

A while ago I went to a cultural event in Rotterdam, the design-city of the Netherlands. There were lots of new artists showing their latest work. A great deal of these projects had an interactive and digital touch to it. There was a hug wall that generates sounds related to the way you touched it. There was an object that would copy your movements once you were in front of it. A  whole bunch of virtual reality projects were exhibited and there was this red old rusty shipping container with a simple entrance-sign.

This shipping container turned out to be an art-project on it’s own. You were allowed to enter the container with only 5 visitors at once. Once inside, a magical world of action, reaction, sound and projection was revealed. All related to the way the visitors reacted to the object. As a visitor of the art-work you were in control and could determine what the object would present to you in return. A wonderful concept. Your personal interaction with the art-work would reveal a personal and unique piece of art.

women vs men

But what struck me most about this artwork, was the way men and women interacted with it. The moment women got out of the shipping container they were excited, they had a wonderful personal and magical experience within the interactive box. They had been singing, dancing and enjoyed themselves enormously. Men on the other hand didn’t get it, they weren’t the least excited about the experience and couldn’t understand why women had such a great time. They asked themselves what the purpose of this artwork was. It turned out they only unlocked just under 10% of the visual and auditive experience.

Now why was this?

Men didn’t feel any trigger to start moving or interacting with the environment. Most of the time they just stood still waiting for something to happen. The artwork translated this into silence. Once the artist recognized this behavior he made a small adjustment with huge impact. He simply threw a ball into the container. You can guess what happened … the results were smashing 😀

life saver solutions

From a storytelling perspective there’s a lesson we can learn from this. It’s not always necessary to try new things in order to engage your audience. A small adjustment can be enough to involve your audience and keep them connected to your brand and brand story. Maybe a simple poll or just a picture on one of your social platforms will do the trick. We call these life saver solutions. And if you’ve read the blogpost Content Success Bingo you know we are creating new notifications that will help editorial teams to stretch engagement on stories.
At CleverLions we work on specific content format recommendations. The moment SmartOcto recognizes a certain situation he will throw in suggestions for editorial teams related to content formats. Wouldn’t it be cool to see a squid suggesting the perfect slideshow for your newsletter, right on time? Of course you want this! So, follow us and we will keep you posted on life saver solutions. And remember: Your online presence doesn’t always have to be extraordinary – just a simple ball can bring a lot of luck to a large amount of people.


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