Content Success Bingo

Content Success Bingo
7 March 2017 Laurens de Knijff

Content Succes Bingo

Working data-driven doesn’t have to be boring. Turn those boring reports and evaluation moment into a fun game by playing a game of Bingo!

You are probably familiar with daily, weekly or monthly reports. If you are lucky they contain a list of top content. It is always pleasant to see that one of your own stories made it to the monthly top 10. But other than that, what learnings are you getting out of top 10’s? And more importantly, where would you record or store these learnings so you can optimize future content?
Most editors have a pretty good idea why a piece of content is successful. Wouldn’t it be great to have your gut feeling backup-ed by data? Newsrooms rarely take the time to evaluate and celebrate their success.
Maybe you’re a natural. You do such evaluations unconsciously while going through your top lists.
A helpful tool for bringing it to the table is a game we play at the CleverLions headquarters every now and then. We call it the: Content Success Bingo. We developed it for some of our clients in order to turn a boring evaluation into a fun game. Ready to play?

See this example:

Start by doing a mini-evaluation of each successful story, and find the key success factor on the card.

It would probably take less than 30 seconds to find the explanation(s).
Repeat this for your top content at every editorial meeting.

You will find the obvious patterns. Stuff that you already know:

  • celebrity names in the headline,
  • listicles,
  • truly unique or original content,
  • a polarising opinion,
  • The content itself is probably the key factor for success.

But you will also find things like:

  • perfect timing,
  • careful distribution,
  • stories that have been picked up by the right influencers.
  • or you found no real explanation why something went viral (according to Buzzfeed, this is about 10% of your success)

These factors can be just as decisive for success.

Try to name around 20 key performance factors that explain the success of your content. There is no generic Bingo Card, only you can name the factors for your audience.

So now that you have created your own card. You can start to classify your content in a whole new and valuable way. The next challenge is to do this on a regular basis, and feed all those bingo cards into your analytics- or editorial system.
At Smartocto we are thinking of introducing a digital version of the Bingo Card. Imagine the possibilities of having this kind of additional data on your content. First of all it could give you an insight in where your brand is successful. Does your overall bingo card could look like this?

or like this?

Like this?

And even more value would be in predictive methods. With Machine learning techniques you could predict more accurately how successful future content will be. Now you’re cooking! Download a blank bingo card here.