• smartocto

    The Allegory of the Octopus

    - by Erik van Heeswijk

    For us it makes perfect sense, but a lot of the people ask us: why call an editorial analytics system after this mysterious sea creature, the octopus? Aha! Glad you asked! This question gives us the perfect excuse to write a clever listicle of 10. Here we go!

  • smartocto

    The quest of SmartOcto video…

    - by SmartOcto

    Nowadays video gets more important y the day, and often the same video gets streamed on the web, in the app, on Youtube or on Facebook. To do that effectively, we need an omnichannel view in real time, and SmartOcto is working on that. Even more, it calculates the best boosters for every video, and gives you easy suggestions on how to act!