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  • smartocto

    The quest of SmartOcto video…

    - by SmartOcto

    Nowadays video gets more important y the day, and often the same video gets streamed on the web, in the app, on Youtube or on Facebook. To do that effectively, we need an omnichannel view in real time, and SmartOcto is working on that. Even more, it calculates the best boosters for every video, and gives you easy suggestions on how to act!

  • Writing

    Learn more about our Cartoon Characters

    - by Rutger Verhoeven

    For all of you that have been following our stories and joining in on a variety of topics and conversations related to content strategy, digital transformation, data analytics, editorial decisioning, real time insights and all the subjects that lay in the peripheries of that, you must have noted that we enrich our blog posts with cartoons. In the post More than a 1000 words I’ve introduced the different characters briefly. In this one I will describe them more thoroughly.

  • Writing

    Content Strategy is more like waiting media than you think!

    - by Erik van Heeswijk

    In media and marketing, more and more professionals get the feeling that spraying out ‘one size fits all’-content isn’t the most effective way forward. There is a sense that content should be tailor made, more focused on the mission of the organization and the needs of the customer.

    The analogy that often helps me is the restaurant.